The second meeting of the Four Steps for Employment Project under ERASMUS + KA2 was held in Bilbao.

The second meeting was held on Monday and Tuesday 22/23 of May 2017 in Bilboa, Spain with the participation of all project partners for the purpose of General Evaluation of project activities.
The project is managed by Project Coordinator Tufan Ata Türkyılmaz, Project Public Relations Officer Nuray Eren and Project Technical Support Officer Gürbüz Özay, on behalf of the Coordinating Entity. Principal of the School Mr. Yusuf Ay and Vice Principal of the School and English Teacher Ms. Yasemin Filiz have attended the meeting.
Activities under the project activity, titled “Relationship Between Vocational Training and Employment”, which is one of the four steps of the project, were evaluated at the meeting.

The following activities are carried out under the said project step;
A1- ‘Survey to identify Expectations of the Business World from Employees and Employability Criteria’,
A2- Comparison of National occupational competences in different fields of occupation (Textile, Machinery Technologies and Information Technologies),
A3- Analyzing the significance of vocational training and supervision in employment and comparison of the same between different countries.
It was resolved to evaluate the surveys conducted in partner countries and to prepare and disseminate the multilingual final report.
Additionally discussions were made to identify equivalents of Occupational Standards for 5. Level Weaver in the field of Textile Technology, in partner countries and to prepare comparison reports.