The Third Meeting of the Project was Held in London, England.

The third meeting that was planned to be made with a view to conducting a complete assessment half way through the project when intellectual outputs of the project have started to be materialized, was held in London, the capital of the U.K.


The meeting was held on 20/21 November 2017 with the participation of Project Coordinator Tufan Ata Türkyılmaz, Multilingual Project Expert Arzu Alkan and Technical Assistance Supervisor Gürbüz Özay on behalf of the Project Management  Coordinating Institution as well as Vice Principals Gündüz Korucu and Hakan Bulut in representation of the school’s management.


It was decided to initiate project dissemination activities and for each individual country to share project outputs with relevant stakeholders in their territory as a result of the meeting. Plans for completion of ongoing work packages of the project were reviewed.