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Tophane Industrial Vocational High School

Tophane Industrial Vocational High School was established on 29th March 1868 as Reformatory.

Tophane Technical and Industrial High School (TMTAL)

  • It was named as Hamidiye Industrial School in 1899.
  • In 1910, iron, smoothing and mould ateliers were re-established.
  • In 1916, carpentry, fitting, turnery, foundry, wood-turning, modeling, shoe making and forging departments were opened.
  • In 1943-1944 educational year, a building where four ateliers and classrooms would locate was constructed as motor atelier was opened.
  • In 1952, its name became Bursa Men’s Art Institute.
  • In 1958, Evening Technician School was opened. Electricity department was opened in 1963-1964 educational year in this school where it used to be machinery department.
  • In 1974, the name of the school became Bursa Technical High School and Industrial Vocational High School.
  • It was replaced with the regulations brought by “APPRENTICESHIP AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION LAW” in 1986. With the apprenticeship and vocational education law no 3308 that was acted in 1986, vocational education started in schools and companies.
  • In 1987, Tophane Anatolian Technical High School was opened. It continued its education with the department of electronics. Later on, departments of computer and machinery were included in Anatolian Technical High School while CNC department was included in the technical high school.

.In 2012, Industrial Automation Technologies Department was opened in our school so as to follow the state-of-the-art technologies..

TMTAL organizes vocational education for adults within the frame of lifelong learning activities. In accordance with the protocols signed with different institutions, vocational education and training courses are provided within TMTAL

Staff trainings within the frame of the “Regulation Regarding Methods and Basic of the Occupational Health and Security Trainings” that was acted under the scope of the Law of Occupational Health and Security for the companies that are active in the sector are carried out by our institution.

Receiving a qualified vocational education in Bursa that is a city of machinery facilitates to be employed. Therefore the qualification of the vocational education to be received is one of the reasons of why vocational education is preferred. TMTAL has been one of the rooted institutions that serves to this goal and gives the most qualified education on vocational and technical fields since 1868. Being composed of Computerized Machinery Manufacturing, Computer Aided Machine Design, Computer Aided Modeling, Computerized Mould, Metal Works, Metallurgy, Plastic Processing, Textile, Wood, Informatics, Electricity Electronic departments, TMTAL serves education with 4000 students and 280 teachers in the appearance of a factory.

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri ( is a subsidized private VET and secondary school in the Basque Region. Each year the centre provides high quality technical and adult training for 400 full time students and 1000+ adult part time learners. The college specializes in: Environmental Education, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Robotics, Sales and Commercial Management, Mechanical Design and Mechanical Production.

Politeknika Txorierri belongs to the HETEL network of 20 subsidized VET schools in the Basque Region providing Vocational education and training to over 8000 full time vocational students ( The network shares innovation practices, internationalization and mobility organization and technical projects. Anabel Menica (staff member at Politeknika Txorierri) is the Head of Internationalisation for HETEL.

Politeknika Txorierri operates as a Cooperative and forms part of the Mondragon Group with a strong emphasis on community and cooperative ethics. The Mondragon Group ( is a business group made up of 289 companies and entities and 15 Technology Centres.

Since 2013, The Politeknika is also an associated member of the neighboring Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia ( and has collaboration agreements with key business and industrial clusters in the Basque Country which permits close collaboration between businesses and the college. Several projects are in place in the Politeknika such as “Asmaola” in which 8 key Basque colleges offer innovation support and infrastructures to SMEs in the region.

Politeknika Txorierri has a strong embedded QUALITY culture. The centre was the first VET school in Bizkaia to earn the Golden Q Award for QUALITY management in 2005 based on the EQFM Quality Model.

Kairos Europe

FORAVE – ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA A EDUCAÇÃO PROFISSIONAL DO VALE DO AVE is a vocational/technical private school located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, one of the most industrialized councils of the Ave Valley, in the North of Portugal. Established in 1990, FORAVE’s main aim is the preparation of qualified young and adult students, who want to acquire or improve skills to answer the demands of the changing world of work in the areas of Company Management, Industrial Maintenance, Electronics and Automation and Food Quality Control. The school is situated in the Ave Valley, a geographical region greatly affected by the economical crisis of the textile companies, once its great source of wealth. Most of the students belong to families with very low incomes and were at risk of giving up school. So, the main aim is the preparation of qualified youngsters, who can answer to the demands of the market and who can live creative, fruitful and successful lives. To reach these goals, FORAVE has established partnerships with the local community/authorities and the local enterprises and associations.

The school takes part in European cooperation activities because it wishes to give students and teachers the opportunity of facing new challenges and of improving their competencies, while being in touch with other countries, languages and cultures. We also wish to raise interest and motivation in all school components; to favour conditions that make innovative teaching/learning strategies possible while  encouraging group work; to improve relationships between the school and the outside organizations connected with it; to better understand young people realities in different contexts; to encourage the use of the new technologies; to enhance the learning of foreign languages and to exchange experiences through which European integration is improved and the school organization is enriched.

Határtalanul Iroda kft

Határtalanul Iroda kft. is an organizer company that provides professional concultany for SMEs and individuals in different areas. HTI possesses broad professional and business network and personal connections that can be used during the project and by reaching the stakeholders. The Office provides also adult education and trainings in various subjects for individuals, SMEs and organizations, consultation and competence recognition services in order to improve employability. The project material would enhance the field of our supply.

In the past years the professional staff of HTI were executed several programs in connection with unemployment and improvement of skills and competencies. Our staff gained relevant and deep professional experience in quality management and dissemination activities since ATL, BTL activity of different projects belongs to the main profile of the Foundation.

The professional team was contributed in several LdV Project which aim was to provide integrated support tailored for the most disadvantaged groups of unemployed through of innovative training tools and materials. The staff was also implemented deep researches in order to explore the topic of integration of skills needs of the labour market into VET, identify problems and draw conclusions and develop the content of a methodology so as to integrate the skills needed of the labour market into VET system. We prepared an extensive marketing activity for projects and already has a significant partnership network in this area.